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Pentecost is the untamed Christian feast that secular culture has no interest in appropriating. Those who are not Christian will often observe Christmas in some way and will even dye Easter eggs. Yet the coming of the Holy Spirit in power to turn disciples into apostles will never foster Pentecost cards or other secular traditions. The Acts 8 Movement seeks to bridge the gap with one-minute video which both explains the feast and invites others to join in the celebration. Episcopal churches may use the video at no charge to advertise their Pentecost liturgies. You may download the video below in English or Spanish to post to your own Facebook page:

The English language video file

The Spanish language video file

We also offer the video on the Acts 8 Movement Facebook page so you can simply share that video to your Facebook group.

We wish you a joyous Eastertide and Pentecost,
The Acts 8 Movement

A Note About Permissions
You may add your church name and service times, over The Episcopal Church Welcomes You, without concern for copyright infringement or incurring any fees for this usage. Frank Logue created the video using art in the public domain and video from video in keeping with their licensing agreement so that there is no cost to any church. Adam Trambley wrote the original script which was lightly edited by the Acts 8 team and the Rev. Alex Montes-Vela created the Spanish language translation and recorded the voiceover. All of this is our gift to you.

Celebremos Pentecost├ęs

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