About Acts8

The Acts8 Movement is a Missionary Society made of lay and clergy members of the Episcopal Church. We are a group of enthusiastic Episcopalians dedicated to renewing the church through discipleship, evangelism and the use of current technologies for communication and strategic action.

Vision statement: Proclaiming Resurrection in The Episcopal Church.

Mission statement: Changing the conversation in The Episcopal Church from death to resurrection; equipping The Episcopal Church to proclaim resurrection to the world.

Acts 8 Guiding Principles:

  1. We follow Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit, grounded in prayer, scripture, and worship.
  2. We give generously to support the spread of the Kingdom of God.
  3. We challenge The Episcopal Church to proclaim the good news of Jesus in effective ways.
  4. We encourage and equip local missionary communities.
  5. We work to transform unjust structures of society, reconcile all people to God and one another, and care for creation.
  6. We carry out our work with hope, optimism, and good humor.
  7. We consistently and transparently communicate to achieve dialogue across the church.

Read the founding blog posts of Acts8.

3 thoughts on “About Acts8”

  1. Greetings fellow resurrection proclaimers. I am pleased to now follow your Acts8 work and hope to meet you at General Convention. I have served for the past 10 years as Missioner for Evangelism in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. I would love to meet and learn what you are doing in your missional work. Thank you for your commitment to prayer and mission!

  2. I am a new visitor to The Acts 8 Movement. How do I join your Society? I see great content on FaceBook and distributed by ECF’s Vital Posts, but how can I learn more about becoming engaged in the Movement?

    1. Sorry it has taken us so long to respond. The Acts 8 Core Team has just finished a planning meeting and more details will be available soon. In the meantime, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Acts8Movement

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