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What is the BLOGFORCE?

The Acts8 Blogforce is a way to encourage discussion on a variety of topics that support the Acts8 Guiding Principles:

1. We follow Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit, grounded in prayer, scripture, and worship.
2. We challenge The Episcopal Church to proclaim the good news of Jesus in effective ways.
3. We encourage and equip local missionary communities.
4. We carry out our work with hope, optimism, and good humor.
5. We consistently and transparently communicate to achieve dialogue across the church.

What is the membership of the BLOGFORCE?

The invited Blogforce composition will reflect the broad diversity of the Episcopal Church.  More importantly, anyone, including you, can be a member of the Blogforce.

How do I participate in the BLOGFORCE?

Blogforce questions will be posted on the main site on Monday mornings.  To participate, simply blog your answer on your own blog site, then:

  1. Paste the code provided with the question at the bottom of your post.  Note that this is HTML code, so should be pasted in the HTML code view.
  2. Send the permanent link and an abstract of the article of no more than 120 words to  This should be done by no later than 5PM Central Time on the Sunday following the posting of the question

On Monday, the question will be re-posted with links and abstracts.

The editorial board of Acts8 reserves the right to decline submissions that are deemed offensive or do not uphold the Guiding Principles.

Can I submit a question for the BLOGFORCE?

Yes, please send your question to for consideration by the editorial board.

Is BLOGFORCE always in caps?



From time to time, documents, reports or requests from church bodies may warrant a discussion.  At that time, a BLOGFORCE Ready Five request will be made outside the usual BLOGFORCE time frame.


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