Take a seat at the Abundant Table

This is the second of a series of follow up reports by Acts 8 on the recipients of Church Planting grants funded through The Episcopal Church budget. The $100,000 grants are matched by local money to make new church starts possible to communities that would not otherwise have the resources to start a new congregation.

In an effort to reach out the underserved, the Abundant Table in Santa Paula, California is open for those that seek a sustainable way of life rooted in deep faith.

This 4-acre farm offers a variety of ways to support through different programs. Young adults have the opportunity to join the farm as part of an Episcopal Service Corps internship. This internship entails communal living, workh on the farm, learning about food injustice and a variety of essential skills for self-sufficiency. If you are interested in applying for the ESC program next year, the first deadline is Dec.15. Click here to submit an application. 

Farm to School is another initiative the people at the Abundant Table are participating in. With collaboration from local school districts, the Abundant Table is working hard to provide more locally grown and healthy food in school cafeterias. Their commitment to education is not limited to the classroom, the Abundant Table also invites students and others to the farm for hands-on learning experiences. This may take the form of a field trip or weekend or weeklong immersion projects.

While this project started off as a campus ministry for Episcopal and gggLutheran students at California State University, they now strive to be radically inclusive and welcoming to all people. Sunday evenings, everyone is invited to participate in communion and make connections with the community and God’s green Earth. The Abundant Table is also part of Community Supported Agriculture in which people sign up to receive boxes of fresh produce weekly.

Visit their website for an in-depth look of the farm via blogs with delicious recipes. Click the video below to see the many happy faces that are helping grow God’s kingdom here and now. 



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