Acts8 Instagram challenge! Show us Resurrection!

 Coming off the three part BLOGFORCE challenge on the nature of the church and the BLOGFORCE ready 5 on the TREC report, it’s time for something lighter.

The Acts8 Moment’s purpose is to proclaim resurrection in the Episcopal Church.  Where have you seen this resurrection taking place?  More to the point, can you show us?

For the next two weeks (Through October 13th), take pictures using Instagram, and add the hashtag #acts8moment in the description.  At the end of the week, the editorial committee of Acts8 will chose the 5 most interesting to post as the roundup.

If you’ve never used Instagram, this is as good an excuse as any to try it out!

Entries are shown in the widget in the right sidebar and on the Instagram Gallery page.

David Simmons
Acts8 BLOGFORCE Wing Commander

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