BLOGFORCE Roundup – The Million Dollar Question

This week, we asked the question, “If you had a million dollars to promote the message of Resurrection in the Episcopal Church, what would you use it for?”


Steve Pankey blogs, “If I had a Million Dollars“:

Anyone who is vaguely familiar with the politics of General Convention can tell you that she who holds the purse strings holds the power.  That’s why every three years, good and faithful Christians queue up to speak to the Committee on Program Budget and Finance to essentially beg for money in the triennial budget. And so it is that this question from the Acts 8 BLOGFORCE has real life implications.  If PB&F handed me a million dollars to proclaim resurrection in The Episcopal Church, what would I do with it?  Honestly, I’d probably give it away.  Well, not all of it.

Adam Trambley blogs, “The Million Dollar Question“:

Adam Trambley at The Black Giraffe proposes founding a modern monastery to develop the essential prayer, ideas and leadership for the church to proclaim resurrection.

Holli Powell blogs, “If I Had A Million Dollars, I’d be Rich

Frank Logue blogs, “The Million Dollar Resurrection Question

Nurya Parish blogs, “A Million Dollars + The Internet = Episcopal Renewal“:

Spending a million dollars for renewal in the Episcopal Church is a drop in the bucket of the current budget, but leveraging the internet enables it to make a pretty big splash.

Brendan O’Sullivan Hale blogs, “If I Had a Million Dollars“:

My bill so far is $100,000 to invest in lifting up lay and clergy voices of faith in a medium simultaneously intimate and scalable that can help people clearly articulate why Jesus matters to them. I’m going to count on my other BLOGFORCE participants to come up with a way to spend the rest of this hypothetical largesse. Except here’s the thing: it’s not hypothetical. We are a richly resourced church, but we have locked ourselves into a very specific way of spending our money. Our conversations as a church about money get so toxic in part because we are all fighting to not have to change. But if we focused a little less on preservation and a little more on spreading the good news of the risen Christ in the language of the world around us, some interesting things might start to happen.

Respectfully submitted – David Simmons, BLOGFORCE Wing Commander

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