Possibilities of New Life

The Rev. James B. Cook at St. Marks in Palm Beach Garden poses a very pertinent question in the following video:

How do we live a resurrected life in the reality of this life?

‘Listen. Think. Pray.’ is a comprehensive video discussion series commenting on specific words and how they relate to the here and now. In this video on resurrection, Rev. Cook reminds us of the tragic ferry disaster in South Korea in April of this year. As the captain and crew jumped ship, the ferry sunk and more than 300 children aboard were killed or went missing.

We continue to live in this reality of life, where death is real and where we can’t always resuscitate our bodies. But god promises us resurrection, he promises us new bodies, new lives, new realities.

Think about what just happened in Ferguson. Is that our reality? What can we do to bring new life in the midst of death?

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