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Your friends at the Acts 8 Movement want to offer resources to assist your congregation in inviting your neighbors to join you for worship. This year, we are offering a Lenten video to encourage a Lenten Reboot. We are also offering the Episcopal Church the customizable video for congregations to promote their Ash Wednesday liturgies first created for 2016. You may post it as is, or you can download a high resolution video and with some basic video editing skills create a customized video for your congregation.

We also offer an Easter video to customize for free and we hope your posting the Ash Wednesday ad now will raise awareness in advance of the Easter video.

The files you need to create your own video are linked below each video. Simply Right Click the links to save the files.

Ash Wednesday Invitation

English language version MP4 file with extended section for adding text:

English language version WMV file with an extended section for adding text:

15-second English language .MP4 to share on Instagram:

Una invitación de Miércoles de Ceniza

Spanish language version MP4 file with extended section for adding text:

Spanish language version WMV file with an extended section for adding text:

15-second Spanish language .MP4 to share on Instagram:

Customize and Advertise
Want to customize this video and use it to create a Facebook ad? Let Nurya Love Parish show you how: Create your Facebook ad for Ash Wednesday. On her blog, she provides a tutorial for customizing the video using a Mac and a separate tutorial on placing a Facebook ad. She is also planning to survey churches who use the video on Facebook so we can learn more together.

There is no charge for using this video, it is simply our gift to you.

We wish you a most Holy Lent,
The Acts 8 Movement

A Note About Permissions
You may add your church name and service times without concern for copyright infringement or incurring any fees for this usage.

We created this video almost exclusively from original video recorded for this project. Every person shown signed a video release and we have made every effort to allow the people filmed to also see the video in advance of its going live. A purchased clip of the Jordan River is from with background audio purchased from and both are used royalty free within those agreements. We filmed the sunrise at Honey Creek Retreat Center in Waverly, Georgia. Adam Trambley wrote the script. The voices in this ad are Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale and Holli Powell in the English language version and the Rev. Alex Montes-Vela and his sister Sandra Montes in the Spanish language version. Frank Logue shot and edited the video. Everyone participating donated their time and work product to the project.

We give thanks to the congregations of St. Matthew’s and St. Paul the Apostle churches in Savannah, Georgia, and Canterbury Conference Center in Orviedo, Florida, where the video of imposing ashes were filmed. We apologize to those among the 19 persons filmed for the ad who were not in the final cut. You looked great, but some technical problems and the need to edit resulted in difficult choices.

27 thoughts on “Create your own Ash Wednesday invitation video”

  1. I wish there was a way we could switch out “Anglican Church” (as in Anglican Church of Canada) for “Episcopal Church.”

  2. Instructions for the computer illiterate would be really helpful. We don’t all have ibooks (though thanks to Nurya Love Parish for posting her process). I have no idea how to add voice over to an existing video… Thank you!

    1. Hi Evelyn, I’m in your diocese (at All Saints). Send me a note on Facebook and I’ll be glad to help. I wouldn’t worry about voiceover unless you’re feeling really ambitious, but inserting custom text is easy.

    1. The file won’t open that way. There is an icon of a video with a yellow triangle and an exclamation point in the middle of the triangle. Is the video locked for editing somehow?

  3. The video is not locked and I can’t replicate the issue on my machine. But then my machine created the video. Can someone else assist here?

  4. Like others, I had trouble importing either the .wmv or .mp4 formats into Windows Movie Maker. I kept getting that yellow warning triangle. It turned out to be a two-fold problem: 1) I recently had updated my older computer to Windows 10, and I had to run some new updates and restart; 2) I had a 2011 version of movie maker, and it takes the 2012 version (that’s the latest, I understand) to work. Here is the direct link where I downloaded the newer version of Windows Movie Maker â–º

  5. I customized a video on my mac using your directions. It worked great! The Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan has a scheduled post and an ad ready to go. Thank you so much. I do have a questions. Is the customized video of adequate resolution to add to our YouTube channel?

    1. I’m so glad this worked well for you! Unless you deliberately changed the resolution of the video as you worked with it (not very likely) – this video will work well on YouTube. In fact, as we bounced ideas back and forth while this was being drafted, we were using YouTube to share it among ourselves.

      I hope you’ll let us know what the response is – Nurya Love Parish will send out a survey shortly after Ash Wednesday so we can take a look at results around from the church and learn from each other’s experience. We’d be really grateful if you submit your e-mail address to her so she can follow up.

  6. I am fiddling around on low wifi. I think that I will just post the video on FB for St. Paul’s Healdsburg and San Pablo Healdsburg without modifications. How do I share Eng and Span versions without modifications?

    Thanks. I love, love, love this!

    Greta Mesics

    1. Hi Greta – simply right-click the English and Spanish language mp4 files to download them, and then use Facebook’s “upload photo/video” tool to post them on Facebook. We recommend including text in the Facebook post notifying people of your service times so it’s easy for your audience to consider a visit.

    1. Hi Lynette,

      The video as we currently have it posted isn’t embeddable – you’ll have to download it and then re-upload it to whatever video service you normally use. We do think this video is most effective on social media platforms rather than church websites – sharing the post of this video from our Facebook page with a message inviting people to your service is simple.

  7. I can’t download this. If I right click I can save it to my desktop, but nothing comes up that is similar to the instruction video – “save to download.” I’m on a mac. What am I missing?

  8. Thanks. Added our information – great.
    Will you also release one without text and voice over? That would allow us to add our own theological viewpoint. If not, no worries, and great job!

    1. Hi Diana,

      We’re glad you like the video. At this point in time, there’s no plans to re-release it in any additional forms. Thanks for your feedback!

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