BLOGFORCE Roundup – Where is Galilee for you?

A couple of weeks ago, our new Presiding Bishop Michael Curry released, “This is the Jesus Moment,” a video where he talked about a new movement for evangelism in the Episcopal Church.  In it, he took a part of the Gospel where Jesus and the disciples go to Galilee and used that area as a metaphor for the mission fields where we can spread the Word.  The question for this BLOGFORCE followed that thought:

“Where is your Galilee?

We received several responses, which are listed in the order recieved

Steve Pankey blogged “Where is Galilee? – An Acts 8 BLOGFORCE Challenge

I get to go to Galilee for at least an hour every week.  Sure, there are some weeks where I spend most of my time “out there,” the reality of full-time ordained ministry is that I sit at a desk a lot more than I thought I would.  But even when the week has nothing but study, sermon prep, and administration to offer, I know that at 9am on Thursday morning, I’ll enter the Galilee that is Mrs. Davis’ Kindergarten class.

Kit Carlson blogged “Where is Your Galilee? — An Acts 8 Blogforce Challenge

Going to Galilee weekly at our local coffee shop, where Jesus shows up in many different guises, as people join me for coffee and a chat.

Andrew Leigh Amanda LeAnn Bullard blogged “Onward to Galilee: The Mission Field Within Us

When we speak of evangelism we often think of a one-way path of information. Andrew Amanda turns this model around as they describe their experiences of oppression within the Episcopal Church and the formation in the Gospel that they’ve found in the mission fields others treat as foreign ground. Through it all they challenge us to ask ourselves on the way to Galilee if we’re making the Gospel too small. Are we ready to give up our expectations and privileges, and set aside our power and judgement to follow the one who set aside all heavenly glory to enter a relationship with us? Do we dare to offer the unthinkable Gospel of mutual transformation in the name of Jesus Christ?

Kevin Morris blogged “My Galilee

My response takes the form of a poem that I wrote while reflecting on moments in my ministry and the places that I have been called to serve.

Nurya Love Parish blogged “My Galilee: What I Haven’t Been Telling You

Galilee may be a lot of different places for me (none of which I have been writing about, although I’d love to). Or it may be just one: a healthy church in a healthy creation.

David Simmons blogged “Saving the Shire

In the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbits represent the reader.  They leave home and venture into legend, returning to transform their community.  The Christian Story has been sanitized to the point where it has lost power for those who are looking for meaning.  Those of us who have been immersed in the divine story of Christ have the duty and ability to return and transform our communities.

Robyn King blogged “There is a balm in Galilee

Most of us live with, care for, or love someone with a chronic health condition. May Galilee be a place where the Church can be healed of it’s blindness and ableism; a place where all of God’s children are encouraged to participate in the ways that best suit them.

Respectfully Submitted,
David Simmons, BLOGFORCE Wing Commander

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