Birthing, not dying. By Amy Real Coultas

There’s a lot of talk of how the church is dying.  I can’t really abide that.   I find the images of a church being reborn resonate more with me these days, and this video from a Presbyterian pastor sticks with me.  I spoke about it in my reflections at the Province IV Synod way back in June, where I served as Chaplain. You can read all of them here, but I offer this excerpt:



“What if, instead of only talking about the bringing forth of new life as a consequence of dying, we began to talk about it as a consequence of…pregnancy? What if the church were pregnant? What if we are an “expecting” church? An “expectant” church?  The signs are there, she points out.  Fatigue, certainly.  Anxiety: Am I ready? Can I do this? What if I just can’t bear the changes it brings about in my life?  There is even, at times, a bit of queasiness.  During pregancy, time is not your own–you must be patient, you must wait.


…We cannot be passive about waiting for new life to come from [a dying church].  We must expect new life.  We must be expectant.  We must prepare for it like any birth.

This new life, this new body, this Emmanuel–God with us here and now–this Jesus, is born in us in the midst of our fatigue, our anxiety, our confusion, our perplexion. In that moment, God puts a clear commandment on the lips of his angel. It is the most often commanded thing in all of scripture–Do. Not. Be. Afraid.”


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  1. This is a great video; I urge everyone to watch it. It’s nice to know the Episcopal Church is not alone in the struggles toward what we will become. And what an intriguing topic: “What to expect while your church is expecting.”

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