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Your friends at the Acts 8 Movement are glad to offer the Episcopal Church a video for congregations to promote their Easter liturgies. The video above is our gift to you. You may post it as is, or you can download a high resolution video and with some basic video editing skills create a customized video for your congregation.

We thank the Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop Michael Curry for his voiceover cameo role in the English language video. We also offer the video in more of the languages our churches worship in with Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog, Ilocano, and Dinka language versions.

A Note About Customizing this Video
When we launched our Christmas and Ash Wednesday videos, we added a blank spot right before the closing “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You” for congregations to add their service times or other information into the video itself. Now with experience, we see that the process takes time and gives an easy spot for those watching the video to move on as many users watch 95% of the video. We’ve omitted this blank space in the Easter video, realizing that the effort does not provide the desired results. This is an iterative process and we are seeking to learn. To find out more of what we have discovered along the way, please read Nurya Love Parish’s helpful post 7 Lessons from the Ash Wednesday Video Experiment.

Those with video editing skill may still customize the video. You could add your church name, the URL of the church website, or the logo to the video itself. You may even add a photo from your congregation with some information during “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.”

The files you need are linked below each video. Simply Right Click the links to save the files, then upload to your congregation’s Facebook page as a video. Add a brief invite and service times and you are done. Or just embed or link the YouTube video above or any of these videos at our Acts8 YouTube Channel.

English language version MP4 file:

Spanish language version MP4 file:

French language version MP4 file:

Korean language version MP4 file:

Mandarin language version MP4 file:

Cantonese language version MP4 file:

Ilocano language version MP4 file:

Tagalog language version MP4 file:

Dinka language version MP4 file:

The Director’s Cut
The Nine languages in one Video version MP4 file:

Advertise on Facebook
We encourage you to use this video as if it were your own in sharing the Good News this Easter. The following tutorial is provided to walk you through the process of downloading the video from this post, uploading it to Facebook, and creating a Facebook ad.

Facebook automatically plays videos uploaded to the site which is why we recommend this option. If the downloading and uploading process is a challenge, feel free to simply post a link to the video on YouTube in your invitation.

Make your Easter Facebook invitation

There is no charge for using this video, it is simply our gift to you.

We wish you a most joyous Easter,
The Acts 8 Movement

We Are Still Learning – Give Us Feedback
The Acts 8 Movement continues to learn based on your feedback. Nurya Love Parish will be conducting another survey of churches who use the Acts 8 Movement ad in the Easter season. To participate, please provide your email address using the form at the end of this post.


Thank You to the Many People Who Worked on this Project
Thanks to David Simmons who wrote and recorded the original score for this video edited and produced by Frank Logue. We give thanks to Alex Montes-Vela and his sister Sandra Vela for once again translating and recording the Spanish language video. Ada Wong-Nagata once again came through with a Cantonese language video and worked with the Episcopal Asian Ministries Chinese Convocation to record this in many voices as well as to create a Mandarin language video. Aidan Koh worked with the Korean convocation to create a Korean language version. Fred Vergara translated a Tagalog text for Filipino congregations and Leonard Oakes and Ruth Paguio worked with others to record the audio. Leonard Oakes also added a second of the major Filipino languages working to translate and record the voiceover in the Ilocano language. John Deng pulled together a group to create the Dinka language version for South Sudanese congregations. Pierre-Henry and Sophia Buisson provided the translation and audio for the French language version.

A Note About Permissions
You may use this video without concern for copyright infringement or incurring any fees for this usage.

We created this video using original video recorded for this project together with clips purchased from and are using them within that licensing agreement. Everyone participating donated their time and work product to the project.

5 thoughts on “Your Free Easter Invitation Video”

  1. As a priest who is Deaf and serving a congregation of Deaf people, I am absolutely thrilled that this comes with open captions. Thank you!

  2. Thanks very much, Acts 8 people!!! I run the facebook page for my church and I love having winsome material like this to share on it.

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