Your Church’s Free Welcome Video for Fall

Now is a great time to find a church home

Your friends at the Acts 8 Movement are glad to offer the Episcopal Church a video for congregations to promote their church as kids start heading back to school. The video above is our gift to you. You may post it as is, or you can download a high resolution video to upload to your congregation’s Facebook page.

We hope this video can be a key component in a plan to invite your neighbors to church this fall. To make the most of the opportunity, we encourage you to review the Hospitality Checklist offered by Invite-Welcome-Connect.

Thank Yous
Nurya Love Parish provided the initial script. Holli Powell recorded the English language audio. Eliza Pankey provided The Episcopal Church Welcomes You. Sandra Montes translated the video into Spanish and provided the voiceover for that version of the video, with her goddaughter Jaidani Ortiz closing out the voiceover. David Simmons created the original score and Frank Logue edited the video. This means the collaboration involved Episcopalians in Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, California, Wisconsin, and Georgia, working together on the two versions of this 1-minute video.

Customizing this Video
Those with video editing skill may customize the video. You could add your church name, the URL of the church website, or the logo to the video itself. You may even add a photo from your congregation with some information during “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.” But we have discovered that lengthening the video to add service times or additional information leads to viewers tuning out en masse. We recommend putting the real content of the ad in the Facebook post text rather than in the video itself.

Download the Files
The files you need are linked below. Simply Right Click the links to save the files, then upload to your congregation’s Facebook page as a video. Add a brief invite and service times and you are done. Or just embed or link the YouTube video above or any of these videos at our Acts8 YouTube Channel.

English language version MP4 file:

Spanish language version MP4 file:

Advertise on Facebook
We encourage you to use this video as if it were your own in sharing the Good News. The following tutorial is provided to walk you through the process of downloading the video from this post, uploading it to Facebook, and creating a Facebook ad. Although it uses the Easter video, the process is the same.

Facebook automatically plays videos uploaded to the site which is why we recommend this option. If the downloading and uploading process is a challenge, feel free to simply post a link to the video on YouTube in your invitation.

Make your Easter Facebook invitation

To find out more of what we have discovered along the way, please read Nurya Love Parish’s helpful post 7 Lessons from the Video Experiment. 

There is no charge for using this video, it is simply our gift to you.

In Christ,
The Acts 8 Movement

A Note About Permissions
You may use this video without concern for copyright infringement or incurring any fees for this usage. 
We created this video using original video recorded for this project together with clips purchased from and are using them within that licensing agreement. Everyone participating donated their time and work product to the project, and the parents of the two children whose voices are in the video approve of their taking part in the project.

2 thoughts on “Your Church’s Free Welcome Video for Fall”

  1. In the editing instructions it says not to lengthen the video. I am unsure how to add our logo & url without adding a screenshot, which would add a few seconds to the time. how were you envision this process?

  2. Kristen, I apologize for the slow response. What I would suggest is to use “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You” as the place to add customization. In the example, I overlaid a photo and some text over that section and extended the time by two seconds using the video available for download above:

    I hope this helps.

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