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A Movable Feast Food Truck Ministry

Feeding the body and soul, A Moveable Feast is a new and innovative mobile food truck ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. This is no ordinary food truck, it is part chapel as well. More specifically a “mobile sanctua10484110_372438406264782_6921757289782172321_nry” currently catering to the young adults and college students in Durham, NC.

Young adults are invited to serve as Companions and are called to bring the companionship of Jesus Christ alongside many people as they travel the roads of their everyday lives just as Jesus’ encounter with the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

“It will welcome people without exception and challenge them to look beyond themselves, to know that they are made in the image of God and infinitely precious, to know that they are part of a bigger picture, and to be at peace with themselves and others.

Companions have the opportunity to serve food, staff events, live intentionally, and participate in spiritual formation.

The truck and its’ Companions will travel to different Chapters.

“Movable Feast chapters are bodies of hungry searching people who wish to embark on a journey together to find the food that we all need.”

Chapters are made up of people of all ages from local parishes, friends, and neighbors. They engage in the ministry with practical10407451_383454255163197_3326974558213591535_n tasks like providing food, hospitality, office space, and liturgical and business expertise. The locations of these Chapters will be finalized in the upcoming months.

Caitlyn Darnell, a coordinator for a Movable Feast explains,

“It isn’t about how many souls we can suck into church, nor is it about bucking the whole church-sanctuary model. It’s about creating room for our Triune God to be apparent among us. It’s about the community that will appear just when the truck is there, and about the community that will linger together.”

Click here to learn more about A Movable Feast.