Spanish Language Christmas Ad

El mensaje de la Navidad

Thanks to the Rev. Alex Montes-Vela and the congregation of St. Mary Magdalene in Manor, Texas, we can now offer a Spanish language Christmas ad which congregations may use at no charge. We offer an .mp4 and a .wmv file so any congregation can download the full video and add their service times to use in promoting their worship this Christmas. Those files are online for you to use, and are linked below. Simply Right Click the links to save the files.

Spanish language version MP4 file with extended section for adding text:

Spanish language version WMV file with an extended section for adding text:

6 thoughts on “Spanish Language Christmas Ad”

    1. Both links are presently working from my location in New York on two separate computers. It may be worth a restart of your computer.

      1. They work now without my doing anything, so I’m thinking that Acts 8 Movement fixed the issue on their end. I got an email saying that they would check the permissions on the post.

  1. Sadly, the folks in Texas have sanitized the video. Even though the Spanish language voice-over still says “no matter who you love,” they have removed the video clip of the two men walking and holding hands! That small clip left no question as to who was meant to be included in the original video. That explicit message of welcome has now been diluted for Latino viewers.

  2. I my opinion, the folks in Texas did a good job of using images which would be familiar and inviting to Latinos, specially in this season. We would have to ask them to be sure, but it does not seem to me that excluding the brief image of two people (not necessarily or obviously men) holding hands is intended to sanitize the invitation of gay people.The Spanish version of the video is different. It has some more colorful images of Mary and Jesus. It does replace the scene of two people ( not unequivocally two men) walking holding hands for an image of Los Tres Reyes Magos, the three kings, a very familiar image to many Latinos. There is also added images of a smiling family eating dinner with text about family and friends referencing the traditional Nochebuena celebrations that is missing in the English language video. It ends with a woman and a child in a creche which evokes a posada or Pastorela Navideña which is also not found in the English version. I had nothing to do with the edits, but find the Spanish version to be very nice, if inviting the unchurched Latinos to Christmas services is what we have in mind! Sadly it seems some folks make everything about inclusion and exclusion of our LGBT family …I thought we were beyond that! Blessings to all.

    1. Actually Padre, they didn’t replace the video clip of two men holding hands with an image of the three kings, the image of the three kings is in the ORIGINAL English version. That entire section of the video in the English version, starting with the folks in the parade through to the image of the three kings, is in the Spanish version, except they cut out the two men holding hands. That is the only difference in that 15 second part of the video, between the English and the Spanish versions, they sanitized it by cutting out the two men holding hands while the voice-over says, “it’s not important who you love.”

      As a gay, Latino Episcopalian/Anglican I find it insulting to have my brothers & sisters sanitized out of the video.

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