Resolution to the Task Force, by Frank Logue

Four priests in the Diocese of Georgia have proposed a resolution to that diocese’s upcoming convention which is intended to make a recommendation to The Episcopal Church’s restructuring task force. The resolution states:

Resolved, that this 192nd Convention of The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia request that the Special Task Force on Church Structural Reform, created by the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church to present a plan to the next General Convention in 2015 for “reforming the Church’s structures, governance and administration”, include as one of its recommendations a proposal the the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church adopt the tithe as the standard of giving and as the funding forula for diocesan support of the budget of the Episcopal Church and,

be it further Resolved, that this resolution together with its accompanying Explanation, be forwarded to The Executive Council for it information.

The explanation is contained in a PDF file online here: The Tithe as the Standard of Funding PDF. There is no mechanism in place for input into the task force and so these clergy are attempting to create one. How this means of recommending actions to the group remains to be seen. First, the resolution would need to be approved by the convention, which meets February 7-9. What do you think of this approach?