Making it work, GOE style, by Megan Castellan

The GOEs happened last week. As per usual, all seminarians seeking ordination in the Episcopal tradition had to take (and pass, in some form or another) these seven canonical areas of study: Liturgy and Music, Christian Theology, Contemporary Society, Theory and Practice of Ministry, Holy Scriptures, Church History, and Ethics Moral theology. It is, essentially, an ecclesiastical equivalent of “Project Runway”, where rather than merely sew a serviceable dress, one must manufacture an understandable doctrine of evil in 3 hours. (For an excellent run down of this year’s questions, see the Crusty Old Dean.

It struck me, however, that while the GOE model can be debated til the cows return, what about the questions?

What questions should be asked of people seeking leadership in the post-Christendom church, that heads out into an Acts-shaped world? What competencies should they have, what areas of expertise?

My immediate thought is that they should have some skill in relating the theology they believe in everyday life–to make the heady stuff real, tangible and heartfelt.

What GOE questions would you ask?