“I Dream of a Church…” in Kentucky, by Amy Real Coultas

Here’s the version of “I Dream of a Church…” that we created from our exercise during the convention of the Diocese of Kentucky this weekend.

The convention had spent Friday afternoon in workshops centered on each of the 5 Marks of Mission, and so I let that be the backdrop for Acts 8.  Here’s what we did, in case it is a helpful model for anyone else out there.


  • Prior to the discussion, we assembled a baggie for each deputation’s table.  (The tables get cluttered with all kinds of stuff, so I wanted the Acts 8 items to stay together.)  These bags included blank index cards, an Acts 8 card I created*, and Acts 8 buttons.
  • I introduced the history of the Acts 8 Moment, and gave a very brief introduction to the pericope.  ‘In this portion of Acts, the institution seems to be disintegrating; it seems to be falling apart around them, and they’re not sure how to respond.  It is not too different than the 21st century context.  We remember, though, that the Holy Spirit has something in mind.  We know the Spirit is calling God’s people into something they don’t yet fully understand.  The people involved in the Acts 8 Moment discussions are committed to listening for where the Holy Spirit is calling the Episcopal Church, and wants to offer tools  for others throughout the Church to do the same.’
  • Asked each table to pass out the index cards.  I explained that at General Convention, and at other diocesan conventions and gatherings across the Church this fall, Episcopalians have been completing the sentence:  “I dream of a church that………”  I asked them to do the same by writing their dream on the index card.
  • I invited them to take the Acts 8 info cards and buttons with them.


*I created this using what I read from others who have led Acts 8 workshops.


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