#GC78 Resurrection Report: June 29, 2015

Happy Hump Day, General Conventionistas! That’s right–it may not seem like it now, but we’ve now reached the downhill slope, with only four legislative days remaining until adjournment.

We received a photo submission from The Very Rev. Cliff Haggenjos of the Diocese of Northern California. Taken at Sunday’s march against gun violence, he notes, “It is for these little ones that we march and witness to love.”

20150628_081017_resized (1)


How often do you hear Jesus being talked about in a budget meeting? Thanks be to God for Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry for bringing his message to the Programs Budget & Finance Committee today.

The House of Bishops passed resolution A054 today, the resolution which will allow same-sex marriages in the Episcopal Church. This resolution now heads to the House of Deputies for concurrence.

Not to be outdone, the House of Deputies passed several key evangelism resolutions, including $5 million for church planting, $1 million to revitalize existing congregations, and $3 million for digital evangelism. (Read an excellent summary of these resolutions here.) These resolutions will move to the House of Bishops.


Also today, on the floor of the House of Deputies, a moving moment submitted by many readers occurred when the entire deputation of the Diocese of Mississippi rose to the platform to support resolution D044, encouraging removal of the Confederate battle flag.



What’s your resurrection story? What’s been giving you life–other than coffee and the free candy in the exhibit hall? Send your tweets, blog posts, pictures, or stories to gcreporting@acts8moment.org.


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