#GC78 Resurrection Report: June 28, 2015

No day of rest here in Salt Lake City, people of God. Your elected representatives at General Convention were a busy group today just like any other day.

The day began early, with a march organized by Bishops United Against Gun Violence which had over 1500 attendees walking through the streets of SLC. More details, including video, can be found here.

Photo credit: Bishop Ian Douglas, @ctbishopian on Twitter.
Photo credit: Bishop Ian Douglas, @ctbishopian on Twitter.

Following that, the convocation gathered for the traditional UTO Ingathering and Eucharist. The crowd audibly gasped when the final total was announced–over the last triennium, UTO had raised over $4 million for their work.


For those of you at home, here’s a short video showing just how incredible worshipping with so many fellow Episcopalians can be.


Overheard: “Look around–resurrection is always emerging.”–Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, in her sermon today.

Tonight, TransEpiscopal held a Eucharist service. Thanks to Kori Pacyniak for posting this clip.


Nurya Love Parish of ChurchWork writes this helpful post about how General Convention is doing with caring for God’s creation.

Finally, in a point of personal privilege (sorry, I’ve been in the House of Deputies too long), the Acts 8 Moment’s podcast about prayer, The Collect Call, held a live recording of its show this evening. Joining hosts Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale and yours truly were Kyle Oliver and Lisa Kimball from Easter People, Sean Maloney from Padre’s Pods (via the telephone), and the Rev. David Simmons as our special live music DJ. Look for the episode on the Acts 8 Moment website later this week!

From left to right: Oliver, Kimball, Powell, O'Sullivan-Hale, Simmons. Front row: Grumpy Episcopal Cat.
From left to right: Oliver, Kimball, Powell, O’Sullivan-Hale, Simmons. Front row: Grumpy Episcopal Cat.


Where are you seeing new life at General Convention? Send me your stories, pictures, blogposts, roundups at gcreporting@acts8moment.org!





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