#GC78 Resurrection Report: June 25, 2015

Greetings from Salt Lake City! Today was the first official day of General Convention’s legislative activity, but your Roving Resurrection Reporters bravely took a break from practicing tapping the home button on their iPads to bring you all the news that’s fit to post on a blog.


Opening this morning’s orientation session, The Rev. Lester MacKenzie, chaplain of the House of Deputies, prayed that the deputies successfully manage to deal with their gadgets during this year’s mostly paperless convention. The house stifled laughter while attempting to retain some semblance of reverence.

Describing the origin of that prayer, MacKenzie said, “I got onto the platform…and I was aware of the context of what we were moving toward…new technology, newness. How do you bring that all together in prayer creatively, honestly, truthfully, so that we can affirm patience. Because anxiety is already high. And how do you lessen anxiety? Through laughter.”

Reflecting more broadly on his ministry at the convention, MacKenzie said, “As chaplain I’m hoping that over these next days of our work together, that I’m able to help us remember that we are here for Jesus, here for mission. We are here to do the business of the church, but with getting lost in what my grandfather used to call ‘churchianity’.”

Hear The Collect Call podcast’s complete interview with MacKenzie, including a discussion of how his upbringing in South Africa influences his views on how the church in America might act on race relations, in an episode to be released on Friday.

Overheard: “I was greatly inspired–and excited–by listening to the discussion in the Evangelism Committee hearing about resolution D019.” (You can read more about resolution D019, Conducting an Online Digital Evangelism Test, here.)

11650783_10152871689901987_578529806_nWinifred Follett of ECW speaks during the Province 8 Synod. Is she the new Gregory Straub?


Grumpy Episcopal Cat has been spotted all over the Salt Palace, but be careful if you spot him in the wild, lest you get led into a fascinating discussion about the merits of communion wafers made from tuna. You can follow Grumpy Episcopal Cat’s adventures on Facebook.



Two of our favorite Episcopal communications groups colliding–The Rev. Jimmy Abbott and the Rev. Christine Faulstich of Episcopal Herald¬†chatting with The Rev. Scott Gunn of Forward Movement. Don’t forget to follow Forward Movement’s #JesusatGC campaign on social media!


Your daily random fact about Salt Lake City: The Great Salt Lake is larger than the state of Delaware.

And I close with my favorite resurrection report of the day:

Speaking at the presentation of the candidates for Presiding Bishop, Dabney Smith was asked, “How does the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth figure into your vision of the future of the church?”

“Oh my God, thank you,” Bishop Smith answered, before delivering an answer that left many wiping their eyes.

You really can’t do any better than watching his response yourself – start the video at 1:20:45.


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