Fearless Evangelism, Part VI … by Charles LaFond

This is the sixth in a series on evangelism by Charles LaFond.  See links to earlier posts in the series below.

VI. The functions of the Come and See Campaign

There are six simple functions of a Come and See membership Growth Campaign:

  1. The direct mail event -which raises awareness
  2. The training -as to how one tells one’s story
  3. The pledge card -so that everyone is working and accountable
  4. The living room conversations -in which an invitation is made to “come and see” where Jesus is at work among a group of people
  5. The examination –a self-critical examination of what people will find when they come to see (Is the building painted? Are the liturgies dull? Is the church clean and well cared-for?)
  6. The welcoming – of those who “come and see.”

These things are essential for membership growth, and if we do not grow, there is no point to managing the Koinonia program – no need to work to retain and involve a membership which never came in the first place.

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The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond is the Canon for Congregational Life in the Diocese of New Hampshire.  The Come and See Membership Growth Campaign Manual is online and the 7 minute video summary can be found here.  

This is the sixth in a series on evangelism by Charles LaFond.  Click for earlier installments:  Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5.  Check out Charles’ blog for the full text. And check out the Diocese of New Hampshire’s Evangelism Toolkit, on its website.