BLOGFORCE Roundup: Resurrection at General Convention

This week, we asked a question:

“Where did you see resurrection at work at the General Convention?

Responses are listed below in the order received



David Knight blogged two responses:

Resurrection at General Convention Part One

As a member of the Task Force on the Study of Marriage, I was of course following the progress of the marriage resolutions intently. I observed the debate in the House of Bishops and participated on the floor of the House of Deputies. Where I saw resurrection was in the way we deliberated, the honor given to minority opinions and the willingness to construct a solution that, hopefully, can keep most folks at the table. I think this is how the body of Christ is supposed to work.

Resurrection at General Convention Part Two

This was one of the more exciting, and tense, moments at GC for me. After passing resolutions for evangelism, including church planting and other initiatives, seeing these basically unfunded in the budget was a huge disappointment. I was so excited when Frank Logue offered his amendment to finance these initiatives from an increase in the endowment income. Briliant! I was stunned it passed and thrilled when the HoB YES to evangelism too! We tried almost the same thing in 2006 and our amendment to use an additional .5% for church planting was soundly defeated. Seeing us overwhelmingly make a statement for evangelism with REAL dollars was a resurrection moment for me.

Lee Ann Walling blogs:

“Yo, Yo, Yo,” recounts the big and little moments from General Convention, experienced as a first-time Deputy, that just stopped me cold, lifted me up, opened my heart, humbled me, gave me hope, tore me up, rained down joy. We certainly did not feel like a denomination in decline. Also I look ahead to the coming revision of prayer book and hymnal and the notion of “Common Worship.”

Andrew Leigh Amanda LeAnn Bullard blogs:

Resurrection is often mistakenly conflated with the feeling of “being happy”. This reflection on the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church focuses on the more painful aspects of resurrection, those moments when hurt shakes the foundation of belief. Yet the shield of faith, even when made of paper, is proof against the arrows of the evil one. Resurrection can be found not only in laughter but tears. Holy waters flowed at General Convention; will you dare to embrace them?

Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale blogs:

By happenstance as much as anything Bishop Greg Brewer – among the Bishops with a more traditional understanding of marriage (and a signer of the Salt Lake City statement) –  and I had a productive interaction in the “House of Twitter. Where I see resurrection in all this – it’s a small but meaningful example of working in common cause across difference in perspectives (and, for that matter, across orders of ministry) for the good of Christ’s church. I hope for greater things than these.

Nurya Love Parish blogs:

A resurrection sighting that would otherwise go unreported: the Diocese of West Tennessee is investing in a new staff position for a Canon for Sustainable Ministries. What’s that all about?

Guest blogging for The Living Church’s Covenant, Scott Gunn wrote:

…it would be easy to follow the lead of mass media and place emphasis on the election of Bishop Michael Curry as our next Presiding Bishop or the authorization of liturgies for same-sex marriage. Both of these stories are indeed very important and worthy of much exploration. But I think there was a bigger one. Jesus was front and center at General Convention this time around.

Respectfully Submitted,
David Simmons, BLOGFORCE Wing Commander

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