It’s now time for the BLOGFORCE to do something a little more serious – combine the literary power of LOLCats with the beauty of the National Cathedral. The venerable Grumpy Orthodox Cat meme has been around for a while, so this week we present “Grumpy Episcopal Cat.”   52078215 The Rev. David Simmons, ObJN Acts8 BLOGFORCE Wing Commander

How do I participate in the Meme?

  1. Go to Caption Image for Grumpy Episcopal Cat on
  2. Enter the top and bottom text, click on the little british flag for English and click “Generate”
  3. You can go to the main Grumpy Episcopal Cat page on and vote on your favorites.
  4. Share your meme submission far and wide.
  5. If you are one of the cat-loving co-hosts of The Collect Call, please don’t spam the meme.
  6. On Monday morning, the top 5 vote-getters will be posted here at Acts 8.  The meme generator will remain active.


The editorial board of Acts8 reserves the right to decline submissions that are deemed offensive or do not uphold the Guiding Principles.


tweetchatLook during the week for more information on our next Acts8 tweetchat, which is scheduled for July 14th at 9PM EDT using #acts8tc

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