Blog Force Question: What About CCABs?

We here at Acts 8 have a couple of things we would like to accomplish.  We would like to inspire renewal in the mission, evangelism, and spirituality of The Episcopal Church.  And we would like to contribute to and stimulate the conversation about restructuring the church.

As part of the second goal, we are experimenting with something we are calling the “Blog Force.”  Acts 8 itself doesn’t want to take particular positions on restructuring questions.  Yet we know that many people in the church have great ideas they could share on their individual blogs.  So the Blog Force will, from time to time, ask a question about a restructuring subject, and invite anyone who is interested to respond.  This is an experiment – let’s see how it goes.

So here’s the first question: Recently, all the Commissions, Committees, Agencies, and Boards of The Episcopal Church met in St. Louis for a joint CCAB meeting.  The cost of the meeting of some 200 – 250 people was reported to be $1,100 per person.  So the question is, what is a worthwhile use of these resources: great people, high expense, a face-to-face gathering.  Should we have CCABs at all?  If so, what should they be doing?

If you would like to respond, please do!  There are three ways to respond:  (1) Write a comment here.  (2) If you have a blog, please write your thoughts there and post the link in the comments, here on the Acts 8 website or on Facebook, and we’ll add them into the body of this post next time we’re near our computer.  (3) Or, tweet a link to your response with the hashtags #Acts8 and #BlogForce and we’ll post them here when we notice them.  🙂

To get the ball rolling, here is a blog post from Susan Brown Snook (that’s me!).  CCABs: Let the Holy Spirit Blow!

The Episcopal Cafe picked up the discussion, with some interesting comments, here.

Also, Robyn Barnes talked about the role of social media at CCABs, here.

Similarly, the Crusty Old Dean speaks here.

Let us know your thoughts!




One thought on “Blog Force Question: What About CCABs?”

  1. The obvious (to me) is a SKYPE “teleconference”; it works for long distance relationships and military families- why not a committee meeting? Imagine what could be done with the saved funding? You’d still have “facetime”; the host site could use a projection screen- and other satellite locations could do likewise, with the people not close enough to use same being able to chime in from their own computers. By slashing the funds necessary to create the conference, you could actually implement an idea! It shows good stewardship of local,diocean and national funds; it eliminates long travel and its uncertainties (weather delays, anyone?) and it would actually open up committee meetings by enabling more people to interface and contribute. If *this* 54 year old grandmother can navigate SKYPE, anyone can!

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