Anglican Rosary for the Mission of the Church


Are you still on the lookout for a Lenten discipline this year? Fear not, the Acts 8 Prayer Committee has you covered. We have created a prayer, designed to be used with the Anglican rosary, for the mission of God’s holy church.


Not familiar with the Anglican rosary? This is a great overview of the rosary, its history, and other common prayers. If you need one, you can buy them many places, simply by Googling “Anglican rosary” (here is one link, or a lower-cost one can be found here). Or, if you’re particularly crafty, directions to make your own can be found here.


We are asking you to pray this rosary along with us during Lent. If you’re a written word kind of person, we are attaching a PDF of the prayer. If you’d like to pray aloud along with a recording for a different sort of experience, an MP3 file of the rosary is available for download here.  (We’ve also embedded a media player below.)

How often should you pray it? That’s entirely up to you. Praying the whole thing one time through will take you under 5 minutes. You may choose to pray it once a week, once a day, or multiple times each day. You may choose to pray it each time with a different intention—for your local church home, for example, or for the church where you grew up, or for your Diocese or the Episcopal Church at large. You may even choose to pray for particular ministries.


We’d love to get your feedback, either here on the blog, or on Facebook or Twitter, on what you’re committing to do, what you’re praying for, and how it works for you. We’d also love to know if you found the audio a helpful tool, since we have several other ideas of audio recordings in the queue (maybe even our own podcast channel?) if there is interest!


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