Acts 8 Mission Gathering – April 22-24 in Scottsdale

Re-Creating a Missionary Church!

a09F000000FxZPCIA3_1Come be a part of a new generation of leadership in the Episcopal Church as we pray, work, and grow into the leadership of a missionary church. Within the beautiful surroundings of the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, we will build on the momentum of spontaneous gatherings that started in the summer of 2012. They created a movement that has since spread around the country.

Acts 8 seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the creative renewal of the Episcopal Church. We take our inspiration from the church’s great historic missionary societies, but with a greater flair for modern communications.

resized_CamelbackSMOur movement is not yet fully formed. At this mission gathering, we aim to more clearly discern our specific mission and determine what we are uniquely called to do to help renew the church. Discernment sessions will be interspersed with workshops on missionary prayer, reinvigorating existing communities, and planting new church entities. And of course, plenty of time for prayer and community building.

Lay and clergy participation is encouraged. Prior involvement in Acts 8 is not required or expected.

The conference will begin the morning of Monday, April 22 and conclude at lunchtime on Wednesday, April 24. For attendees coming from the East Coast, planning to arrive on the evening of Sunday, April 21 is recommended.


Acts 8 Flyer

Preliminary Gathering Agenda