Acts 8 Conference Results

I think everyone who attended would probably call the initial Acts8 Conference a success. Besides the chance to network, a lot of visioning for the future of the Acts8 Moment was done and organizational details were fleshed out. They were posted to our twitter stream and Facebook page as we worked them out, but here they are in one blog post:

Vision statement: Proclaiming Resurrection in The Episcopal Church.

Mission statement: Changing the conversation in The Episcopal Church from death to resurrection; equipping The Episcopal Church to proclaim resurrection to the world.

Acts 8 Guiding Principles:
1. We follow Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit, grounded in prayer, scripture, and worship.
2. We challenge The Episcopal Church to proclaim the good news of Jesus in effective ways.
3. We encourage and equip local missionary communities.
4. We carry out our work with hope, optimism, and good humor.
5. We consistently and transparently communicate to achieve dialogue across the church.

Acts 8 strategic directions:
1. Fostering prayer for mission.
2. Communicating effectively.
3. Developing Acts 8 resources for dioceses and parishes.
4. Hosting conferences to equip missionary leaders.
5. Facilitating conversations about the future of The Episcopal Church.

Acts 8 Moment Executive Committee for the first year, chosen by acclamation and by drawing lots:
Convener: Adam Trambley
At-Large Member: Susan Brown Snook
At-Large Member: Megan Castellan
Secretary: Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale
Treasurer: Holli Powell