Storytelling is an important part of our faith as Christians.  The parables of Jesus form part of our scripture.  The stories of the saints make up a part of our tradition.  Our own stories are the ones that inform how we spread the Gospel.

So the challenge this week is to tell our stories of how we became Christians and Episcopalians.  The additional challenge is to put the 120 word abstract in the form of a Superhero Origin story, such as:

“Although a priest for years, he never really knew the true meaning of Jesus’ love until an alien from Alpha Centauri 5 gave him a magical tract that turned him into a Pamphlet Baron.”

David Simmons
Acts8 BLOGFORCE Wing Commander

Information on the graphic above: This was one of the first proposed Acts8 BLOGFORCE logos, designed by David “Comic Sans” Sibley.  He is still the only graphic designer to have ever manually kerned Comic Sans.

How do I participate in the Blogforce?

Simply blog your answer on your own site, then:

1. Paste the code you can find here at the bottom of your post – note that it is code so you will probably need to switch to HTML view in your blog editor. It should look like this on your blog when posted or previewed:

2. Send the permanent link and a 120 word or less origin story abstract to  This should be done by no later than 5PM Central Time on Sunday the 21st of November.  On Monday, the abstracts will be re-posted with links.  At that point, the provided code will point to the round-up page instead of here.

The editorial board of Acts8 reserves the right to decline submissions that are deemed offensive or do not uphold the Guiding Principles.

tweetchatLook during the week for more information on our next Acts8 tweetchat, which is scheduled for Monday, November 24th at 9PM EDT using #acts8tc

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