Good Book Club BLOGFORCE Week One


During the season of Lent and Easter, The Acts8 BLOGFORCE and Collect Call will be cooperating with The Good Book Club  and Episcopal organizations across the spectrum to promote the reading of Luke and Acts.  Every week, we will present a new question based on the upcoming readings for people to blog on.  The question for this week, that of February 11, is:

“Luke’s goal in writing his two-part story is to provide an orderly account so that his readers might know the truth about Jesus. To what end do you read the scriptures?”

Anyone can participate in the BLOGFORCE using the instructions below:

David Simmons & Steve Pankey

How do I participate in the BLOGFORCE?

Simply blog your answer on your own site.  If you don’t have a site, perhaps consider, which is free and easy to set up.

1. Paste the code you can find here at the bottom of your post – note that it is code so you will probably need to switch to HTML view in your blog editor. It should look like this on your blog when posted or previewed:

Blog Force Participant

2. Participating blog entries will be shared through the Acts8 Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Please email the link to your blog post to

The editorial board of Acts8 reserves the right to decline submissions that are deemed offensive or do not uphold the Guiding Principles.

Robert Huttmeyer seems to be a site where you can read others blog posts not one in which you can write your own. Did I misunderstand something?

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