Debriefing the Easter Invitation Video Project


Earlier today, Nurya Love Parish and Frank Logue tried out a new technology in public, and Episcopalians around the country joined in. is still in beta, but early indications are that this live videostream technology is both simple and enjoyable. There are many ways the church can make use of this new social platform.

Today, we used it to discuss the Acts 8 Movement’s video evangelism project. The conversation included call-in guests who shared their experience with the video and gave ideas for future projects.

Watch the video:

Or, if you prefer just the audio, grab it here (and ignore that huge face which I can’t figure out how to change!):

How could you imagine using Blab in ministry?

Randy Steinman

Your efforts do not go unnoticed by your Full Communion partners in the ELCA. Is there anyway we could collaborate? You are doing exactly what the Church at large needs — and these videos are so professional and very invitational.

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